Friday, January 29, 2010

It's 2:17 on a friday afternoon.
It is almost february.
I'm wearing shorts even though I'm cold.
I still can't believe it's 2010,
and in two months I will be twenty seven. 27. wow.
I feel so young sometimes, and then I remember.
I'm really not.
I'm drinking raspberry tea and trying to get some work done.
so very soon I'll be caught up.
and then, what will I do with my days?
the sun is playing peek a boo with the clouds,
and lexi lou is sleeping at my feet.
The house is very, very quite...
I did mountains of laundry today.
6 loads.
Daddy is out working at J's.
the grass is getting really green because of the rain
and it's so very pretty..
and I want to take a picnic. a book for an entire afternoon..

.. where are you baby? What are you doing right now? Do you know your loved?

Because you are.

hugs and kisses, Mommy

Monday, January 25, 2010

I bought you a present..

I bought you a present today baby. And, I just know your going to love it. I had one when I was little too, and so when I saw it, I knew you had to have one ... after all, it's kind of amazing. If I'm honest with myself it's probably just as much for me as it is for you. {But, shh. Don't tell daddy. }

Did I tell you we're number three on the waiting list baby? Soon, so very soon I will meet you.

I'm counting down the days, even though I don't know how long they will be. We're hoping and praying we get to meet you as soon as possible... not only so we can prepare for you, but also so we can try and bring you home before the Ugandan courts close for the summer. If I have to wait to bring you home for months after I've seen your sweet face I may just die.

Hopefully it will be so. Hopefully it will be soon.

I have a whole box of baby things for you now baby. I had to have Tia Koko give me a new, bigger box after they moved because my old baby box was too small. I have all kinds of things in that box. Dresses for girls, cups for toddlers, books for babies, shirts for boys. I bought you the cutest dress ever if your a girl. If not, Aunty Liz will like it very much I'm sure.

That is the good thing about having little aunts and uncles baby... not only do you get automatic friends, I also don't feel as bad buying things you may never wear.. because they can wear it if you can't.

I love you baby. I can't wait to hold you and kiss you and tell you your home forever.



PS Here's what I bought you today...


We have two for sure girl names picked out now.. and two bouncing baby boy names, so baby dear, you've got a name now... but until we see you and know it fits, your little face, my lips are sealed..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I shall read books to keep me occupied...

I'm in a rambling mood today...

..and so, ramble I shall.

For Christmas husband man and I were given an amazing book from our friends. {we had searched high and low for good books on toddler adoption and attachment, but it seemed that all the books I bought were just not what I was looking for...} and then, low and behold we were given this book.

Honestly, I think it's a must read for anyone adopting! I'm not done reading it yet, but it has definitely blown all the others away already....

click here to buy it...

..on another note, our first meeting with our social worker was today and it went fabulously!

I made cranberry scones.

They were ah-may-zing.

and, so, the meeting went amazingly well too.

You can't be anything but cheerful with scones in your tummy.

so, now, ...we have one form, one final fingerprinting, and one home visit left and we are done...., Sanyu just has to call us...

and sadly for me, patience has never been my strong point.

I love you baby.