Sunday, May 8, 2011

The rocking chair

From this morning, my sweet boy.
I woke up last mothers day and daddy was all about getting me out of bed and into the living room. I wanted to roll over and sleep some more. Covers up to my chin. Watch a good movie, maybe some coffee in bed, pretty please?

When I finally meandered out, tired and needing coffee desperately, there was the most beautiful rocking chair I'd ever seen waiting for me. From daddy, for you, our future baby. The rocking chair I'd been eyeing for months. Dreaming of for countless hours. The note attached read "you're going to be a great mom." And yes, I'm pretty sure I cried when I read that.

I was happy that day with your daddy, eating a cheese picnic on the living room floor, but I was sad I was missing that day with you. I was sad because you weren't there to cuddle with us. Because I couldn't hold you. And, as much as I knew I should embrace the todays, I couldn't wait for next year.

Last year I had a rocking chair.

This year I have a baby boy to rock in it.

So thankful for you my little man. I love you to the moon and back.


* we spent today doing laundry, but we were together, which is the very best way to spend a day. *