Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adopt. You will receive more then you can ever give.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today, I miss Africa.
I miss Sanyu.
The babies.
I just want to hug and kiss and love on them all. Whether or not they are to be mine. Whisper in their ears that they are loved. And beautiful. So very beautiful. 

I want to be walking the dusty streets of Kampala with Em by my side. Certain they think we're locals.
I want to be in Ssenge.
Watching the boys play football in the yard.
Helping plant hundreds and hundreds of little trees. 
Hot. Tired. Thirsty.
But happy... so very happy.

{{It's the little things.}} 

I want to ride a boda boda again. Hair in the wind. Drinking in the sights.

I want to be in a country I love. A country that has affected me. That is in my blood.

I want to hug Abbey and Jess and tell them how much I look up to them for what they are doing.
Because really, they are amazing. And they are changing the world.

I want to take pictures that show the beauty that is Uganda. The pearl of Africa.
I want to go to the Nile. and take even more pictures. Document it all. 
I want to be immersed in the country that is my baby's homeland.
I want to discover as much as I can about my baby's heritage and the history of Uganda.

I want to sit in the dusk of the evening and listen to the boys band play their trumpets.
Amazed at their smiles. Their life. Their happiness.
I want to truly find an appreciation for matoke. And how to make it for my little one.
I want to sleep under a mosquito net at night... 
...and listen to the gonging of the bells in the early morning

My heart is not here today. It is there. 
I am hopeful.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sitting, waiting, wishing...

Waiting for a email from the orphanage director.
Checking flight prices for next week, and the next.. and the next...
Googled the date the court closes in Uganda.
And reopens.  {But can't find info on either...}
Feeling a bit hopeless. The chances of us having our baby by Thanksgiving is slowly closing.

It's been a year since we first went to Uganda and made the decision to adopt our firstborn.
....and  seven months since we started the process.

I know it'll all fall into place and we'll get the perfect baby for us.
But I want a baby now. 
Like right now. Not tomorrow. Today.

Just keeping it real.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Still no news on baby. Still nothing to report. So, since all our paperwork is done for now, and all we're waiting on is a fingerprinting appointment and a email from Africa.. I wait. {{and search for things to buy baby...}} 

So far, today I have fallen in love with this print:

{{From Penny Wishes}}

...these stuffed lovable's..

{{from Sleepy King}}

Noticing a common theme? Yellow is simply irresistible to me this week.   

But, I am also loving this print from Sarah Jane... {{and there is no yellow in sight!}} It's called Take me for a walk. Love love LOVE it!

And as for my dear sweet baby so very far away, know that mommy loves you, dreams of you, and is praying you home.  

Hugs and kisses.