Thursday, May 6, 2010


Still no news on baby. Still nothing to report. So, since all our paperwork is done for now, and all we're waiting on is a fingerprinting appointment and a email from Africa.. I wait. {{and search for things to buy baby...}} 

So far, today I have fallen in love with this print:

{{From Penny Wishes}}

...these stuffed lovable's..

{{from Sleepy King}}

Noticing a common theme? Yellow is simply irresistible to me this week.   

But, I am also loving this print from Sarah Jane... {{and there is no yellow in sight!}} It's called Take me for a walk. Love love LOVE it!

And as for my dear sweet baby so very far away, know that mommy loves you, dreams of you, and is praying you home.  

Hugs and kisses. 


Kristi said...

My brother & his wife are waiting for a referral from Ethiopia. This time last year we were waiting for our LOA from China. Waiting stinks but is oh so worth it!

Tanya said...

So glad to hear that you are going to adopt from Sanyu. I wish I could bring about 5 more home!!!!

Ashley Rose said...

Soooo I am pretty much going through your blog and stealing as many ideas as i can! I love all your things you are finding for baby!!! =) sooo fun! my etsy favorites are going to be out of control now ;)