Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Dear baby,
while me and your daddy wait {and wait and wait and wait} to meet you and bring you home, I am making our little apartment home sweet home esk just for you...

We've decorated the living room and the kitchen.. all that's left is what will be your bathroom... and while I don't know whether you'll be a boy or a little lady, I do know that cute is cute no matter what.  And so, this is what your bathroom will look like....

The rug:

{{From Urban}}

And these are the fabulous prints I got to hang {{I am head over heals in love}}:

{This one is called Home is where you take it. How darling is that? Because it's true baby, no matter where we live, home will always be where the ones you love are.}

{{From Laura Amiss . Have I explained to you yet the wonders of etsy? I will. And you will love it as much as me...}}


{{ From Antheropologie}}

and now dear sweet baby, I am on my way to buy paint for the walls cause your daddy says I may paint! One wall is all he says I may cover. {{But what happens if I buy enough for the whole bathroom? Hmmm, we shall see...}}

I love you my sweet baby. And not a day goes by that I don't hope and pray for the day we shall meet. It will be soon. I just know it. I can feel it in my bones. Before you know it I will be giving you bubble baths, and wrapping you in big fluffy towels each night. And, once you are dressed in comfy pajamas with pretty patterns mommy will kiss you from head to toe. I shall read you a bedtime story, {or three, or four} and rock you to sleep in my arms. And then I will kiss you goodnight once more.

In fact baby, I will cuddle you and hug you so much that sometimes you may get sick of it. But just know, I am making up for lost time. I love you.

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