Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I am crushing on...{{and finding it oh so difficult to concentrate!}}

{{by Maileg}}

...custom made families to look like your family. I must admit, I almost died when I found these they are sooo perfect. 

Lovin' this art ..

..and wanting very badly a danish modern rocking chair....

{{that I would re fabric in a lovely mustard yellow. perfect for boy or girl, and most importantly my favorite element of a baby room..  perfect for rocking my little one to sleep every night. Perfect for reading stories. Pretty much, perfect in every way.. }}


What are you crushing on today?

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Sue Schneider said...

Abi - your story is very touching. I remember you saying something when we were driving up to C-burg, but didn't realize the entire journey you were on. GOOD LUCK! I have had a few friends adopt and understand how long and hard the process can be. All of my friends though are super happy now and have the cutest little ones! I wish the same for you and am sending my thoughts and prayers.