Friday, January 29, 2010

It's 2:17 on a friday afternoon.
It is almost february.
I'm wearing shorts even though I'm cold.
I still can't believe it's 2010,
and in two months I will be twenty seven. 27. wow.
I feel so young sometimes, and then I remember.
I'm really not.
I'm drinking raspberry tea and trying to get some work done.
so very soon I'll be caught up.
and then, what will I do with my days?
the sun is playing peek a boo with the clouds,
and lexi lou is sleeping at my feet.
The house is very, very quite...
I did mountains of laundry today.
6 loads.
Daddy is out working at J's.
the grass is getting really green because of the rain
and it's so very pretty..
and I want to take a picnic. a book for an entire afternoon..

.. where are you baby? What are you doing right now? Do you know your loved?

Because you are.

hugs and kisses, Mommy


Shauna said...

Sniffle * tear - that was so sweet! XOXO
I know what you could do.... drive that cute hubby and yourself right up here and take our family pics - lol - j/k! I am thinking maybe in a month or so meeting somewhere. What do you think? I just want the kids to be comfy so we get their true personality.

Jim and April said...

cute post!

Petersen Family said...

I love how you write Abi! You can feel those words as a reader just as you feel them as a writer!! I can't wait for your baby to feel your love in person.

natali said...

such a beautiful post. poetic.