Thursday, April 21, 2011

Half a year.

Six months. Half a year. 27 weeks. Zillions of good morning kisses. Hundreds of tears I finally got to wipe away. Two airplanes ride across oceans with you on my lap. Kissing your sweet little curls. A new country to adjust to. You in my arms. 

Six months, and one day. 

Today marks the day that we've had you one day longer then we were without you. You've been in our arms more then you were alone. You've been rocked to bed and kissed goodnight and tucked in one day longer then you weren't. And I'm so very thankful for today. I've been counting down the moments until I could say this, because for some reason, unexplanable to even myself, today was of upmost importance. It marks a milestone in your life my sweet baby boy. A milestone I am so blessed to say I got to be apart of. 

Today I have held you for six months and one day. Half a year. And I love you a zillion times more now then I did the moment I heard you were mine. How, I'm not sure, but it is the absolute, complete, truth. I love you more each second, each minute. How my heart won't burst by the time you are five I'm not sure. Your my little man, my morning sunshine, my kiss goodnight.

You are my I love you. And I'm so glad your my son. 



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What a beautiful day to celebrate. Welcome to life like HE meant it to be sweet Fin!!!
Love me some Quisenberry!

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