Thursday, November 5, 2009


Paul frank pajama's are my favorite for babies ! After all, who can resist a cuddly little baby in monkey pj's??

..and um, check out those ears on the hood!!!

yes, small paul is divine...


~love said...

ahhh, abi...i'm so, so excited for you. look forward to continuing to watch your journey unfold. i know that you know each adoption is different case by case, but i've been contacted with so much interest of the process so i'm putting together a detailed process when i get home. (if you're interested.)
AND....our Clayton Elijah is wearing clothes from this line RIGHT NOW as he sleeps on my in Amsterdam airport on our way HOME!!
adding you to my prayers!! =)

jblodgett said...

Ok, so I'm not even kidding - totally had these ADORABLE pjammies IN MY CART at Target today for my babies...will HAVE to send you Christmas pics.