Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh baby baby

Dear Baby,

Today it is almost spring in the east bay. I know the groundhog saw his shadow this winter, but there is no arguing with something that is so plainly there. The birds are singing, the grass is green, and tulips are making their yearly appearance. I took the pups for a short walk this morning, and together we enjoyed the sun. It is a perfect day today baby, and best of all, the tree's are blooming. As you walk by they smell like new beginnings and cherry blossoms, and all I want to do is decorate my house with the smell. It's intoxicating...

... It's a day we would make a picnic and go the park. I'd teach you how to whistle with a blade of grass, and you'd teach me how to think ants are only the coolest thing ever. We'd go get ice cream cones in the evening with daddy and we'd marvel at all the cracks in the sidewalk. I'd share my ice cream cone with you even after you've finished yours, because really, you are to cute to help it. And we would get lots and lots of sprinkles.

...and at bedtime I would put you in footsie pajamas and read you a story. You'll want another of course. Anything to avoid bedtime! But I'll oblige, because really, I'm just so happy your finally home where you belong.

and people will tell me we're spoiling you. But you will know without a shadow of a doubt, that you're loved. So.very.much.

I love you baby. Always and forever.


P.S. On Monday your Aunt Lyndsie called and told us you were going to have a cousin! A cousin baby! and even though you may not understand it, that is so very exciting. You will have a buddy to play with at thanksgiving and a lifetime friend. Because family is forever.


love said...

oh, these are beautiful days of dreaming and falling in love with your baby. beautiful, beautiful days.

so very soon, i pray.

Jim and April said...

beautiful! i think all the time about how things would be if she were here with us! Oh how i cannot wait to go get her!

Mama Quiz said...

That was so beautiful it made me cry! I love you and I am praying for our sweet baby too!