Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Present's are my favorite things..

A few days ago I was able to see one of my favorite people, Shyla and catch up for a few hours over coffee and cookies. It was splendid...and one of my favorite days this month...

..why? {well because I got to see Shyla..}

and, oh yes, because she got baby a present. Although, since baby isn't here yet, it kinda feel's more like the present is for me. Which I'm perfectly okay with. ;)

it's a plate, with a face on it...

so you can play with your food! Seriously, does it get any cuter then this?


you can buy the fabulous plate here. {but hurry, there's only two left!}



Mom Of Many said...

That is absolutely adorable!! What a blast! And yes, all the kids would love one...but since there are only 2 left...I'll leave them for someone else...or I would have a fight on my hands. =)

Tiffany said...

Oh that is so fun... my kids would love those!