Thursday, August 12, 2010

"All this time we were waiting for each other, all this time I was waiting for you.."

It's a boy. 
He is five months old.  
And his given name {from the orphanage} is Asiimwe Joseph. 

My dear sweet baby boy,

As your sleeping, across the ocean, do you know how much your loved right now? 
Can you feel it from that far away?
I so badly hope with all my heart that last night someone whispered in your little ear and told you that you had a family.
 That you can feel the difference in your heart too.
Your daddy and I are no longer two, but three. And we, my son are a family. 

Do you understand how many people are dying to meet you? It's so crazy to me the emails and letters and calls pouring in today. Family and friends and even perfect strangers sharing in our celebration day. Crying with us. The happiness. The oh-my-goodness-when-do-you-get-to-go-get-him?
They're as anxious as we are.
And we haven't even been granted our adoption yet or met you or seen a picture ...
Can you imagine the party that we'll throw when your finally here in our arms?
There are so so many people who are out there praying and wishing you home with us.
And it's a bit overwhelming to feel so much love. But we are so very thankful for it. 

We took pictures last night after we found out you were ours.
They are terrible pictures.
Our eyes are closed, and I'm in pajama's.
But we're beaming.
And crying.
And happy. So very very happy.

One of the biggest questions we've been asked is if we have a picture of you yet... and while we have yet to see your little face, there is no denying you are the one we have been waiting for.

Your given middle name is your daddy's middle name. And your first name? It means thanks to God. So appropriate I couldn't help but cry when I heard the translation.

..I can't believe this whole time I was waiting for you, anxious to get you home, and you weren't even born yet.
When I bought you lots of Christmas ornaments last year because you had to have one for every year, I only had to buy one in reality...
..what will I do with all the others I wonder?

I can't believe you will be so little.
You will spend your first Christmas with us.
How is that even possible?
I will get to see your first step. So many milestones I was prepared to miss.
But I get to be there now. Holding your hand along the way. 

Last night after our family calls had been made, daddy and I couldn't go to bed yet. We were to excited. To anxious and nervous. To many thoughts running through our head.
We kept looking at each other, getting a half crazy grin and whispering over and over.
"We have a baby. Your a dad. I'm a mom. We. have. a. baby!"

And so we bought you your first {two} we-just-found-out-your-our-son presents. They're rather darling and I've been dying to buy both but was waiting until I knew you for sure were a he...

I love you my sweet little man. I can't wait to hold you in my arms and kiss your sweet head.

Sweet dreams.

Your Mommy


scrappy quilter said...

You have me in tears. What an incredible gift you are giving your son...words before you've even seen him. Oh how he will know you love him, even now. I love the meaning of his name.

as written by Barbara said...

yippee, yeah, Snoopy dancing, whoopee, ohhhhh myyy,
well you know yet you don't even know me... I'm sort of your Mama's friend, kind of, bloggie friend that is.... but your son, your baby boy ... oh that is just the greatest ever... & your Mama & Baba are grandparents!!

God is Great!!!
Barbara Lyman :-)
Marysville, WA

Lexie said...

Okay, Abi....all day long every time I think about y'all I've just smiled! Do you know that y'all are going to be the cutest family in the world?!? Oh my my my! And you are an amazing mommy...I saw the way you loved those babies at Sanyu. And Ryan, an amazing Daddy. I can't wait to follow along on this journey! Thank you for sharing this journey with people around the world!

Lexie Gager

Christy said...

Congratulations! I've been following your Mom's blog and was thrilled to hear the news! Sending up a prayer for your son and all the transitions he'll be enduring coming up and for the 3 of you as you journey to become a family! :) God bless!

Erica said...

Congratulations!!! What an amazing gift!

love said...

i love how God confirms to us. we just KNOW when they are meant to be ours. and He cares enough to even give us these little confirmations that mean SO much.

i'm completely, over-the-top happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Congratulations! You emailed a response about adopting from Uganda at 9:15 pm last night (thank you for that) and I prayed for your sweet little one to come when I received your email which was a couple of hours for me to think that they were probably getting ready to tell you or telling you the news at that point!! God is good! So happy for you guys.

JR said...

Congratulations Abi & Ryan! I attend the River Church & have been following your journey for months. I'm absolutely thrilled, over-the-top excited for all of you!!! Blessings on the rest of your journey to your sweet precious little baby boy!!

sierrasmom said...

Congratulatons!! I love your post!!
Your little man will be home soon!!!
Kathie in NY

Carrie said...

Rejoicing with you! There is nothing like finding out who the child is that the Lord saw fit to bless you with. Exciting indeed! Cannot wait to see your family all together...There is nothing like adoption it is so. worth. every. heartache. and wait along the way and the JOY, oh my the JOY! I cannot wait for this little man to be in your arms.
God Bless,

Sharon said...

I have been reading your blog since your started (found it thru your moms) and am SOOOO excited for you!!!! Can't wait to watch the adventure unfold and "meet" your sweet boy!!! Congratulatins!!!!

Charlotte Wedding Photographers Rachel Fesko said...

Abi, I'm so thrilled for you guys. I've been quietly following your journey, and this last post made me cry. Congrats you guys :)

MrsMann said...

I also cried while reading this. Makes me remember your amazing talent (and old passion for) of writing.

So very happy for your special news. I think it's amazing, the way God had this one planned for you. I am so excited for you, that you get to see so many "first'" with your sweet BABY boy who you thought would be so much more grown. And his name... that is just the sweetest sign from God!

Many many congrats to you and Ry! Love you both and so excited for this sweet little guy who gets to have all that love to himself as your son!

Heckert's Highway said...

Oh, you make me cry!!!! Happy tears of course...tears that I am so acquainted with. There is nothing that makes my heart happier than when a child is finally given their forever family. I can't wait for you to have him in your arms, there is nothing like it on this entire earth!!! Congratulations Ryan and Abi and sweet angel baby boy, you truly are a family!! Thank you Jesus!!

Ellie said...

CONGRATS!! I'm so happy for you! You must be on cloud 9 - well, I remember that feeling so I am sure you are! Can't wait to see photos of your little man!

mom2three said...

My eyes are welling up! I have followed your mother's blog for some time and when she announced that y'all were adopting, well I added you to my favorites list and have checked in weekly to see your progress and all the cute things you find on Etsy! Congratulations on your baby boy!!

Jean said...

WooHoo! Thank you Jesus!! So so happy for you and oh my you have one happy Momma and Daddy!(aka Grandma and Grandpa)

What a blessing this sweet boy will be to the two of you!!

Doing the Happy Dance!!


Shannon said...

So happy for you! How special to get a 5 month old =)

Oh Dear said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Simply precious!

Anonymous said...


gonzofam95758 said...

My family and I just returned from a missions trip to Uganda. We, too, ministered at an Orphanage. The orphanage we were at is Adventure Village in Seeta. What a blessing the trip was! I can understand your desire to adopt. We were touched by so many precious children. My own children who are 22, 20, & 17 all want to adopt Ugandan children when they get to that place in their lives. I want them to read your blog to be inspired. God bless you as you begin this exciting journey with your little one. Wow! I'm thrilled for you even though I don't know you. Thank you for heeding to God's call to take care & love the orphans! We have a blog of our time there at if you are interested!

Sue Schneider said...

Abi - a HUGE congratulations to you!! What amazing news.

Wanda said...

You sent my daugher, Brantley, a message on her blog regarding her adoption and I just wanted to say congratulations on your adoption journey to get your little boy. Thank you for the support given to our family as we wait for the phone call on our grandchild that God has set apart for us. Encouragement clear across the other side of the good ole USA means so much. Love to you and your new family of three!
Brantley's Mom - Wanda

MegsCamaren said...

Congratulations Abi and Hubby I have loved reading your blog about your journey and can't wait to read about the continuation once your little guy comes home. I can feel your love so I know he can too. Much happiness to you all!

Miss. Jinny said...

Yippeeee! I am in tears as I read this! :) Praise Jesus! :) I can't wait to see his little face! :) I am praying for you guys! :) Love!

jblodgett said...

Yep, I knew it - there are those tears that have been threatening! I am so beyond words right now. God is so good, y'all are so amazing, and I can't wait to see all He has in store for YOUR FAMILY!!! YAY!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Love this post--just love it. Congrats to you

Would love to have you come check out -- hope you find the posts there worth reading. And, we'd love to have you join the forum too. Come take a look--maybe even consider submitting one of your posts to be reposted there!

Bobby Earle said...

I had lunch with Richelle last week and just found out about all of this! I've spent the last two hours reading from your first blog post on :) I teared up when I got to this post. So amazing.

I'm so insanely happy for you -- and we've never even met! Just so, so, so, so very happy. I'm just imagining you guys out there right now. So freaking happy :)