Monday, August 16, 2010

I don't know what day it is. I had to check the paper.

Dear Baby,
I'm buying minutes on Skype right now. In about an hour we're going to call Ilbanda and Sister Edwina. She's your nurse and we must ask permission to transfer you to a new home in Kampala so you are that much closer to coming home to us. We're a bit nervous about calling her. The language barrier is one thing, but also, she knows you. All day long I've been wondering if it will be an abrupt phone call. Or will she tell us a bit about you?  I can only hope.
I'm dying to know more about you. To know you have a son, but know very little about him is a strange feeling.  It makes me sad.
I'm dying to see your little face.  To know whether you are a happy baby. If your healthy. To name you.

I bought you your first pair of shoes today. Okay, to be honest, I bought you your first two paris of shoes. What can I say? They were darling and I couldn't help myself.
I love you baby.  And your going to look oh so cute in your new shoes.
Love your mommy

                                                                      Your new shoes


scrappy quilter said...

Those shoes are so stinking cute. Can't wait to hear that the phone call went well. How exciting to hear about your sweet little man.

trina said...

How exciting!!! I'm catching up on your blog and discovered your wonderful news. Can't wait to see his picture,too!! trina

Kelly L said...

I hope the phone call went well, and that you learned all about your son!! :)

Deb said...

How was the call?? (And how are your eyes?)