Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Q is for queen...

Dear Baby Q,

Today mommy bought you the most darling print to hang above your crib. I'm a bit in love with it and I think you will be too. Q for queen. Who wouldn't be in love with that? 
Happy so happy.  

It's a bit blustery cold in the east bay today. There is a cold front coming in of some sorts so the skies are grey and the trees look like they may bend in half. 
It's the kind of day for cuddling. 
If you were here I would wrap you up in a big blanket and we'd sit on the couch together. 
Side by side. 
You and I and daddy. 
We'd wrap our arms around you and gaze into your dark eyes. 
Kissing your forehead. 
I'd give you a bottle and daddy and I would sip on tea. 
We'd watch a movie together. And if you fell asleep on me I wouldn't move for fear of waking you up.
We'd cuddle the day away. 


..but since you aren't with me here, instead I ran errands this afternoon because I needed to mail off a few packages and buy things for dinner. {Potato soup if your wondering} And whilst I was running errands I {not so by} accidentally went to the grocery store by way of the street that takes me past the antique store ... Hm. 

... I haven't been in there in forever and I was dying to know if the little tin truck I had seen many moons ago, {before we even knew you were a he} was still there. It wasn't, but I think I may have found an ever better treasure.  I got you two vintage books on cowboys and Indians. They are the cutest books with the most amazing drawings from the 50s. Daddy was super excited when he saw them. We're going to scan them in and frame a few for your room when your older.... 

Also, this week we found out that Nurse Edwina says we can move you on the 16th or 17th of September to Kampala. Even though it's way past September 1st, at least now it isn't that far away.... 

I'm dying to see a picture of your little face and finally speak the name we think is yours out loud. One week. 

And just so you know, and don't ever doubt it, I'm so happy I have a little man. I'm so happy your my son. 

I love you baby. 




Becky C said...

Hi Abi,

I've been a long time follower of your mom's blog and then your photography blog and now your adoption blog. I am going to Uganda next Thursday, Sept 16th for a medical mission trip. You mentioned you have a care package for your son...just thought I'd offer to take it to Uganda for you and Ryan. If it's not too big I'm sure I could make room for it. There's 5 of us going from my work that are going.

If you are interested let me know.

Becky C.
Panama City, FL

Ellie said...

Hi Abi,

Just checking in - I'm so excited for you! I'm looking forward to you getting to see your little guys face!(how does that work in Uganda?) I enjoy your letters to Q.

xo ellie

scrappy quilter said...

Love the little wall hanging. Hugs