Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for...

my favorite boys.
that we're together for Thanksgiving. 
For food on our tables.
and a Christmas tree waiting to be decorated.
Belly laughs.
The smell of cinnamon. 
Milky baby breath.
Cuddling on the couch. 
Christmas music.
Family near us and family far.  
Baby kisses.  

Happy Thanksgiving. 


RH said...

I just had to say I love the photo. The lighting and contrast is beautiful.

congrats on the little guy!

Janine Deckard said...

=Yay=!!! God Bless you and your family. Keep us posted!

Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Welcome home Finn!

Scott and Becky said...

i Have to laugh at this picture - Finley looks like he is thinking "Aww mom, ANOTHER picture?!?!" I can only imagine how many albums you could fill already.

JR said...

Love the photo! Glad that you were all together to celebrate!

Love to you all from Durango!

Petersen Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving Abi! What a special holiday season this will be for you guys! Hope to see you soon!

Cristi said...

Just caught up on your blog. How touching to read. Wonderful Blessings. Congratulations.

Scrappy quilter said...

Love the photo. Look at his eyes...he is just so cute. Hugs

Mary McG in TN said...


Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

That is the most precious photo I've seen in a while.
After adopting 2 little girls from China, we have begun the papework to adopt 2 little boys...we've only told the extended family about one thus far.

My dear sweet husband is sooo excited about having boys in the ouse again. Our other two boys are both 19. I can't wait to have photos of two cuddle bugs snuggled up to Daddy...maybe by next Thanksgiving!

Blessings from south Georgia,