Friday, November 5, 2010

19 days

Dear Finley,

It's been nearly 3 months since we found out you were ours.

and 21 days ago we boarded a plane to Africa. Heading straight to you. and I've got to tell you little man, we couldn't get there fast enough.

19 days ago we bumped along a dirt road. Toto was on the radio, singing his song about Africa. I remember hearing it as I looked out the window, taking in the lush Ugandan scenery, and smiling. Thinking how very fitting it was. My hands were tingling as they always do when I'm nervous and I kept forcing myself to take deep breaths. Stealing glances at your daddy. Wondering if he was as nervous as I was.

Yes my son, it's been 19 day since the very first time I saw you in person. You cried the first time you laid eyes on your daddy and I. But then, then we held you, and you stared at us. Big big eyes. Tiny little baby. Our baby.

It was surreal really, that first day with you. We were so exhausted from our flights, and yet so over the moon excited to have you in our arms. We got back to our room and laid on the bed, your daddy, you and me. We stared at each other. We traced your fingers and toes. Daddy pointed your birthmarks out to me first. The one on your knee. The scar behind your ear.
We laid there together the remainder of the afternoon.
Getting to know each other.
Learning about you.
Falling more in love with every passing second.

... that first night with you daddy and I barely slept at all. I would open my eyes and find your daddy already watching you sleep. Our eyes would meet over your little sleeping body and we would smile in the dark at each other. Catching each others hand. Whispering about how perfect you are, and oh my goodness, we have a baby. 

It's been 19 days since then and it's not becoming any less like a dream. You are perfect to your daddy and I and we love you so so very much.

Hugs and kisses my love.


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AussieJenn said...

I'm in tears (happy ones!)